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The ever-changing face of Kim Kardashian has caused quite a stir in the beauty industry. Surgeons and aestheticians from all over have all been too keen to guess what the celebrity has had done. UK’s The Daily Mail offers this insight regarding the issue:

Hair Removal

“Since she first hit the headlines in 2006 Kim’s face has changed dramatically and her rising hairline has been the source of constant speculation.

While some have hinted at a full hairline lift, a painful and expensive procedure that can leave scarring, most experts agree that Kim has used laser surgery on her forehead to remove hair and give her a new hairline.

Surgeon Asim Shahmalak, hair loss expert on Channel 4 medical show Embarrassing Bodies, said that Kim Kardashian has almost certainly had the ‘baby hair’ from the front of her hairline removed.”

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(Article Information and Image from How facial hair removal keeps Kim Kardashian young (let’s hope Kanye doesn’t ban lasers too), The Daily Mail Online, Nov. 19, 2013)