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Summer is just a few months away, and Albuquerque locals are likely to frequent hot spots like Rio Grande Botanic Garden quite soon. Many women who desire to wear sleeveless tops and short skirts during summer opt to shave unsightly body hair to achieve instantly smooth, hair-free skin. The staff of womenyoushouldknow.net delves into the history of this practice.

“American women had no need to shave their underarms before about 1915 – after all, who ever saw them? Even the word “underarm” was considered scandalous, what with it being so near certain other interesting body parts. Then came the sleeveless dress. An ad in the fashion mag Harper’s Bazaar decreed that to wear it (and certainly to wear it while participating in “Modern Dancing”), women would need to first see to “the removal of objectionable hair.” They didn’t need much convincing, and by the early ’20s, hairy underarms were so last decade, at least in America.”

While shaving is quick and convenient, the process involves a few risks like nicks and cuts, redness, and soreness. One also has to shave frequently to keep hair growth at bay. Fortunately, by means of laser hair removal in Albuquerque, women no longer have to endure these inconveniences.

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Albuquerque laser hair removal services, such as those offered at a trusted aesthetic skin care center like Belleza Med Spa, involve careful application of a laser beam onto hair follicles in target areas like the armpits, legs, and bikini area. The pigment or melanin in these hair follicles absorbs the light, thereby hindering hair growth in the process.

Unlike shaving, which leaves behind faint traces of hair strands, laser hair removal is more precise and thorough, and leaves the surrounding skin unaffected. Likewise, a typical laser hair removal session produces long-lasting effects. After just a few sessions, most customers notice that their body hair is barely visible.

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