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People have different reasons for having their tattoos removed. A fairly recent example, Pamela Anderson, star of the hit TV series Baywatch, was spotted at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas with her iconic barbed wire tattoo almost completely gone, as reported by Huffington Post.

pamela anderson finally starts to remove barbed wire tattoo

Anderson got the tattoo back in 1995, when she starred in the movie “Barbed Wire.” Done pretty much on a whim, the actress decided to get the tattoo when she found out that her makeup crew would have to paint a fake tattoo on her arm every day. After wearing a sketch of the tattoo for half a day, she eventually decided to have it done. Asked about the tattoo later on, she said of it at that time, “I love it. I think it’s very feminine, for barbed wire.”

The times, it seems, have changed for Anderson, however—just as they have changed her on a physical level. Talking to the UK news outlet Daily Mail, a friend of the actress revealed that the actress “is seeing the effects of age and hard living on her body. Her skin is getting soft. She feels like her tattoos are going to become eyesores.

“She’s not a kid anymore. She doesn’t want blurry ink all over her wrinkled arms.”

Pamela Anderson’s case highlights just one of the reasons—old age—people come in for tattoo removal in Albuquerque, but not everyone has reasons quite as simple as hers. While many do come in for purely aesthetic reasons, some aren’t as lucky.

Quite a number have tattoos removed as a result of failed romances, burdened with the idea of living with the name or picture of their ex-wife, ex-husband, ex-girlfriend, or ex-boyfriend on their bodies. Others may come in to have tattoos that limit their ability to find employment removed. Still, others want to have the vestiges of their troubled past—in gangs or serving jail time—removed.

Regardless of what their reasons are, however, Albuquerque tattoo removal spas, parlors, and clinics, like Belleza Med Spa, stand ready to receive them with open arms and open minds, and help them turn over a new leaf unstained.

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