Age spots can also be referred to as sun spots on the skin. They appear as flat red, brown, or black spots. These areas of uneven skin color are caused by the sun and are very common. Both men and women develop these uneven skin discolorations on different parts of their body including the chest, arms, hands and face.

Once these spots are determined to be benign (non-cancerous), they may be treated with a laser skin care treatment. At Belleza Age Spot Treatment Albuquerque, NMMed Spa, the Elite Aesthetic Workstation is used. This system is approved by the FDA.

How does it work?
The Elite Aesthetic Workstation uses the Alexandrite to simply and effectively remove unwanted pigmented areas. Up to and 80% reduction can be achieved in the first session. A second treatment may be necessary.

What areas can be treated?
Most areas of the body can be treated. Most commonly treated is the face, arms and hands but the décolleté (chest) and legs can just as easily be treated.

Is it painful?
Anesthesia is not required – the only effect felt is a hot and tingling sensation that is well tolerated.

What results can I expect?
Significant reduction can be obtained with just 1 treatment; additional treatments may be required for complete resolution of larger areas.

Is it permanent?
The age spots can reappear if recommended after care instructions are not followed. Sun exposure to the area is strongly discouraged, including tanning beds. The hyper-pigmentation is caused by UV exposure. An SPF should always be worn for planned sun exposure but a daily moisturizer with a SPF30 is strongly recommended post treatment.

Is it safe?
Complications are rare. In less than 1% of cases, skin lightening or darkening may occur. It is advisable to wear an SPF during the course of treatment and one month following treatment.

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