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Kybella is a prescription only, FDA-approved medicine for adults to improve the appearance and profile of fat below the chin which is otherwise known as submental fat or double chin. Kybella is a game changer because its results are permanent and can be quite remarkable. Kybella also results in skin tightening! WOW! Imagine getting rid of your double chin without surgery, without fees for the operating room, and without fees from an anesthesiologist or surgeon. And, there is no down time! Kybella (deoxycholic acid) is injected below the chin to improve the fullness beneath your chin. Maybe you’ve had fullness beneath your chin all your life, maybe it has developed over time, or just recently. It doesn’t matter because now there is a nonsurgical way to get rid of it. Dr. Pacheco can also inject the jowls off-label to get rid of those pesky areas around the marionette areas.

All fillers, Kybella, and Botox injections are by Dr. Pacheco, a medical doctor and are not done by NP and RN or estheticians. Dr. Pacheco is conservative with her treatments and will not over inject The goal is to produce the classic beautiful look, not “duck lips.”

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