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Restorative Ink

Restorative Ink is designed to restore the natural features of the body that have been altered because of disease or trauma. This is not traditional decorative body tattooing which can add elaborate patterns, symbols, or designs, etc. to a person’s body that they were not born with at birth.

At Belleza Med Spa, we restore the Nipple and Areola Complex (NAC) in cancer survivors who have undergone a complete or partial mastectomy. Restorative tattooing uses traditional tattooing devices which are applied to the target areas of the breast in a manner to give the most natural appearance to the skin and give a 2-D or a 3-D appearance creating visual acceptance to the NAC as needed. A full consultation is required prior to the procedure.

In addition, restorative tattooing can be utilized to fill in small imperfections on the mastectomy canvas to camouflage scars. This does not include traditional body tattooing that adds patterns, symbols, or designs, etc. to a person’s body that they were not born with.

We use traditional permanent makeup pigments to replace or augment the eyebrows or eyeliner in cancer patients whose hair has fallen out or will fall out or thin out during or chemo or radiation treatments. These procedures require clearance from the oncologist and/or breast surgeon. We can restore your hair or augment any existing hair to make your eyebrows or eyeliner look as natural as possible, changing the face of cancer!!

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