Plasma Pen Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Belleza Med Spa is the first provider in New Mexico to bring you this revolutionary non-surgical skin tightening procedure! The Plasma Pen improves wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin with little down time and long lasting results of about 3 years. The Plasma Pen is the highest quality pen on the market being introduce to you by Belleza Med Spa! Call to book your treatment now!

How it works?

Unlike any device on the market, the Plasma Pen converts electrical energy into an electrostatic energy to create artificial nitrogen plasma. Plasma is an ionized gas consisting of positive ions and free electrons in proportions which enables it to conduct electricity. These Plasma Pen device discharges precise flashes of plasma in millisecond bursts, triggering the body’s natural healing and anti-aging processes in the epidermal and dermal layers. Your body then starts produces new collagen and elastin to improve skin texture and tone.

What areas can be treated with Plasma Pen?

The Plasma Pen can be used on the around the eyes, face, neck, hands and elbows. Stretch marks can also be treated.

Post Plasma Pen Treatment

Results are virtually immediate and last about three years. For a few days following your treatment, you will experience some skin sensitivity, mild redness, skin crusting and flaking.

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