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If you’re looking for age spot removal in Albuquerque, look no further than Belleza Med Spa. Albuquerque can boast an average of 280 sunny days a year. While such fine weather is great for sun lovers it has one unfortunate side effect: sun spots. Sun and age spots are caused by an excess of melanin in the skin. And in sunny states such as Albuquerque unless you are wearing a broad spectrum sun block every day then you are likely to develop those spots.

Age Spot Removal Albuquerque

The best way to remove them is by visiting an age spot removal Albuquerque specialist and receive treatment with a Alex laser. Below we explain everything you need to know about having this procedure performed.

Consulting with your specialist

Before undergoing the treatment a consultation with an age spot removal Albuquerque specialist is required. They will explain your treatment options, how many sessions they expect you to need and the likely results that will be achieved.

Who is suitable candidate for the treatment

The use Alex laser procedure is normally acceptable for anyone with sun and age spots. The only people it may not be suitable for are those with a very dark skin tone. Also if you have a deep tan you may need to allow it to fade over  6 – 8 weeks before having the procedure performed.

How many treatments are required?

In general you should only need one or two exposures to the Alex laser in order to completely remove the age spot. The results achieved will vary from patient to patient and depends on the condition of the age or sun spot.

What to expect after your sun and age spot removal treatment

The age and sun spot is typically at the top layer of the skin. When it is removed by the laser a small scab or blister may form. There may also be a small amount of redness under the scab which is completely normal. This scab will disappear after a period of one to two weeks. It is acceptable to wear makeup to conceal the scab. It is important that you do not disturb the scab. Do not pick or scratch it.


The procedure to remove the age and sun related spots is almost entirely painless. It is important to keep in mind that related spots occur naturally as a result of being exposed to the sun. Unless you completely shield yourself from natural sunlight each day, then age and/or sun spots may recur. This may necessitate another visit to an age spot removal specialist to have them removed again.