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One in every ten American adults has a tattoo. This data from StatisticsBrain.com proves how popular skin art remains in the country. With fresh tattoo designs in abundance, locals in vibrant cities like Albuquerque sure won’t run out of ideas for customized tattoos.

top 5 tattoo fails

However, some overeager tattoo aficionados run the risk of ending up with permanent body art they may soon regret. Luckily, one can count on safe and effective Albuquerque tattoo removal services to correct or get rid of tattoos entirely. Cosmetologist and body art expert Jodie Michalak’s article for About.com cites a few of the most common tattoo mistakes.

Slot Machines
Inserting a coin into the slot is a golden choice for anyone living La Vida Loca in places like Las Vegas, rolling high and gambling away the nights. If you truly have a gambling spirit, a tattoo of this genre may make sense.

Fashion Brands
Fashion brands are a tattoo don’t! If you must wear a logo, then spend your money on the clothing or the bags, not on permanent body art.

Car Brands
Put it this way, unless you invented the wheel, try not to wear the tattoo.

Name Tattoos
Name tattoos are also a bit of a risk, so why keep making them repeatedly multiple times across your body?”

Many people find that laser tattoo removal in Albuquerque, in particular, involves less pain and leaves behind less obvious scars. To manage the discomfort patients might feel, we utilize a chiller which emits cool air while the laser is treating the tattoo. A typical procedure involves striking regulated pulses of light onto the skin to break up the tattoo pigment into fragments that the body can eliminate through metabolism. An experienced physician like Eva Pacheco, MD typically uses different laser wavelengths to target each pigment color.

Over time, the pigments fade until the skin’s natural characteristics resurface. Although laser cannot eliminate all traces of a tattoo, a patient can nonetheless look forward to having clearer skin with very minimal chances of scarring. Thanks to modern tattoo removal at a trusted aesthetic skin care center like Belleza Med Spa, one certainly doesn’t have to endure the torment of sporting an undesirable or embarrassing tattoo and can consequently move on.

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