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People get tattoos for a variety of reasons: to express their personality and style, to show their devotion to a loved one, or to identify themselves. However, there are those who get tattoos and regret them after a few years or so. VH1.com writer Rahsheeda Ali reports on well-known celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Mark Wahlberg, and Megan Fox, who all thought twice about their skin art.

Tattoos Removed

“Megan Fox decided to remove a large image of Marilyn Monroe from her arm. After deciding the Hollywood icon actually was a symbol of how show biz can go bad, Megan began a series of laser procedures.”

Some Albuquerque locals may have committed the same folly as Fox did, although not necessarily with a Marilyn Monroe tattoo. For instance, they may have had a logo of the city’s popular attraction Tinkertown Museum tattooed on their arm to mark the spot they met their loved one. However, if the union ends on a sour note, they can consider tattoo removal in Albuquerque to help them move on. Here are their options:

At-home Cream Removals

People can opt for do-it-yourself cream removals for their unwanted tattoos. When these products are applied to the affected area, they are designed to cause an immune system reaction to destroy the ink. However, DIY removal of tattoos come with risks of irritation, infection, and even scarring.


In this method, liquid nitrogen is sprayed onto the affected areas, freezing them as a result. Light is then applied to the tattooed skin, causing the tissues to peel away. Cryosurgery works on the same principle as wart removal. Pain is to be expected during the procedure.


Laser tattoo removal in Albuquerque is considered to be the most effective way to remove any traces of tattoo ink on the skin. This method, offered at skin care practices like the Belleza Med Spa, works by concentrating quick and powerful pulses of intense light on the tattooed skin, where it will be absorbed by the tattoo pigments. Once the pigments are fragmented into much smaller particles, they will be consumed by the body’s immune system, fading the colors as a result.

Tattoos are admirable symbols of love and devotion to a romantic partner, a belief system, or a personal style. People change, however, and that can lead to tattoos losing their meaning. When this happens, locals will be happy to know that they have reliable skin care aesthetic practices that can safely and effectively remove their now-obsolete skin art for them.

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