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Summer is now in full swing. For Albuquerque locals, that means a trip to Tingley Beach, a few minutes away from downtown Albuquerque. However, those who have yet to get themselves the appropriate beach attire can get tips from Las Vegas Review Journal style expert Stephanie Rivers:

Add Water

The high-cut suit: For those who were not born with the stems of a Gisele Bundchen, Naomi Campbell or Charlize Theron, the high-cut suit, also known as the leg lengthener, is the next best thing. The leg holes sit at the apex of the hipbone and uppermost thigh, exposing the entire leg, creating the optical effect of longer legs. Consider bold colors for this look because they create maximum impact with minimal effort and look great against (faux) tanned skin.”

Women have to remember though that while a high-cut swimsuit elongates their legs, it also exposes their bikini area a great deal. Of course, women can tie a scarf or shawl around their hips, but what will they do once they decide to take a dip? Since they certainly don’t want to attract attention at the beach for the wrong reasons, they can consider laser hair removal in Albuquerque to avoid hairy disasters.

The Basics

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure wherein a device is used to channel laser energy to the hair follicles in unwanted areas of the body like the bikini area, armpits, and legs. The follicle pigments absorb the light, destroying the hair in the process and preventing regrowth. Each aesthetic skin practice has a preferred laser device, like Elite laser, which can remove multiple hairs at a time.

The Benefits

When compared to conventional methods of hair removal in Albuquerque like shaving and waxing, laser hair removal has the advantages of speed and precision. Shaving and waxing are time-consuming techniques to remove excess hair. Meanwhile, the laser technique can target numerous hairs at a time within a fraction of a second, and produce longer-lasting results than either shaving or waxing.

What to Expect

With the laser technique, women are bound to feel slight discomfort during the procedure, although skin specialists typically apply a cream to numb the area. Those with low pain tolerance are advised to take ibuprofen an hour before the session. However, pain and discomfort afterwards can be managed through ice packs and anti-inflammatory creams or lotions.

This summer, women will want to make sure they don’t scare off other beachgoers with their unsightly body hair. To that end, they can turn to effective laser hair removal techniques offered by reliable aesthetic skin practices like Belleza Med Spa. These skin care specialists will use advanced cutting technology to remove excess body hair.

(Source: Just Add Water, reviewjournal.com, May 24, 2014)