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“Who is that person? Is that my Mom?”, “Is that a freckle, (Gasp) or an age spot?”. These are just a few of the things I think to myself when I look in the mirror each morning.  Ten years ago I couldn’t wait to be the age I am today, I thought, “I will be more mature, I will know what I want out of life and, I will finally have great skin!”. Well, I may be more mature, but I’m still trying to figure out life, and I’m still struggling with my skin! One out of three isn’t too bad, right? It seems that as we age we trade our old problems for new ones. Teenage angst for adult responsibility, puppy love for commitment, and acne for age spots.

Once we hit 30 we are more likely to show signs of premature aging due to sun damage. This damage often manifests itself as spots on the skin. These spots can be red, brown, or black and are often referred to as age spots, sun spots, or freckles. Whatever you call them, these pigmented lesions are caused by melanin being concentrated in one area of the skin (usually due to the sun’s damaging rays). Now lasers are able to target and remove the unwanted melanin in these areas.

So now, as I ponder all the complexities of life and existence I can have that great skin I always wanted.