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Whatever the hair type on the body—fine, frizzy, coarse, or thick—women have been struggling for a long time with methods to shed unwanted hair. Some women are on a quest for the ultimate and permanent hair removal on certain body areas, but a few others are quite happy with frequent grooming rituals to remove body hair every so often.

Whatever the attitude towards temporary or permanent hair removal, there is no lack of avenues to deal with the inconvenience of unwelcome hair growth. What are these means by which women cope? Let’s count the ways:

best options for hair removal

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, laser hair removal is moving towards a more permanent solution to unsightly body hair. Skin care treatment centers or medical spas, such as the Belleza Med Spa, have been introducing a few leading edge laser technology, such as the FDA-approved Elite laser, which is currently being used throughout the US, including Albuquerque. The Elite laser is touted as the most comprehensive laser hair removal in Albuquerque and, in fact, throughout the world as well, allowing doctors to treat the broadest range of clients with varying skin types.

In comparing the best options for hair removal, Dr. David Goldberg on WebMD points out:

“One of the more popular ways to remove hair is via laser or pulsed light – energy that goes through the hair shaft down to the follicle, where it destroys the hair’s root.

“The hair does not immediately come out during a laser treatment. Instead, it weakens and falls out over time because we’ve blown away the root,” says dermatologist David Goldberg, MD […]

“It pulls the hair into the follicle, allowing the beam to penetrate deeper,” says Goldberg

This means doctors can safely treat larger areas at one time and more comfortably for the patient, he [Goldberg] says.”

Hair removal in Albuquerque medical spas or cosmetic centers also utilizes medical electrolysis, a method that destroys the center of hair growth with chemical or heat energy. A fine probe is inserted into hair follicle openings on the skin, and a precise amount of current is released to destroy the tissue cells that grow hair.

Although the two types are noninvasive hair removal treatments, there are those who prefer the more traditional approach, such as the age-old practice of tweezing, shaving, and waxing. In conjunct with these, is the use of depilatories like topical creams and lotions, designed to damage the protein that produce hair.

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