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If you’re in the need for laser tattoo removal, Albuquerque has you covered. Many people discover that they are not satisfied with their tattoos after a period of time, and thus decide to opt for laser tattoo removal. This procedure is actually the most recommended one due to its simplicity and effectiveness.

Laser Tattoo Removal Albuquerque

1. What is laser tattoo removal?

The colors used in the tattooing process are different from the natural color of the skin. The procedure consists in the absorption of the dye laser energy that passes through the skin, with heat resulting after the absorption. This heat causes fragmentation of the pigment particles into smaller chunks. With the fragmentation of particles the tattoo pigment will start to fade. In time, the fragmented pigment particles will be removed from the body.

2. The procedure of laser tattoo removal

The tattoo removal procedure begins with the doctor who assesses the tattoo, the type of tattoo ink, as well as the date and technique used. The method utilized in making a tattoo as well as the structure and pigments used are of great importance. Tattoos made by amateur people are more easily removed than those made in a professional environment due to the more basic composition of inks.

3. How many treatments are needed?

The procedure of laser tattoo removal is dependent on the type of tattoo, how it was achieved and which pigments were used. For removing a tattoo done in a professional environment with a single color, the average concentration is achieved in 3-8 sessions. Meetings are done every 4-6 weeks.

4. Duration of each session

The procedure of laser tattoo removal can take between 5 minutes and 1 hour depending on the size and concentration of pigment.

5. The price of sessions

The price of a tattoo removal procedure laser is set at the beginning of the session. These vary depending on the size of the tattoo.

6. People who should not undergo laser tattoo removal

Pregnant women should not receive laser tattoo removal. Additionally, the technique is not recommended for people with heart disorders, as well as those who suffer from diabetes, epilepsy or have skin lesions in the tattooed area. Except for the cases noted above, the procedure of laser tattoo removal can be supported by any person aged over 18 years.

7. Side effects of laser tattoo removal

There are no permanent side effects! After treatment, patients can resume their daily activities. Following the procedure of laser tattoo removal, redness, skin irritation and burning can occur in the affected area, but they will disappear in a few days.

8. Recommendations before the procedure of laser tattoo removal

Before the laser tattoo removal, it’s recommended to consult a specialist. He/she will assess the structure, color, size, tattoo, and if necessary, will conduct a test procedure. 2 weeks prior to the procedure it’s not recommended to tan naturally or artificially.

11. Recommendations after performing laser tattoo removal

The affected area must be protected at least 4 weeks from natural or artificial tanning. Daily moisturizers should be applied. The patient can resume daily activities immediately after the procedure of laser tattoo removal has been finished.