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I have been looking all around Albuquerque for spas that offer laser spider vein removal. I have heard such great success stories and thought many times about checking it out. I have had the gift of inheriting these beautiful purple flowing veins on my legs and have only been blessed with more since carrying my two boys and all my long shifts as an ER nurse.

I had thought at one point in my 30’s that I was going to live with these spider veins the rest of my life, until I overheard a lady in my yoga class discussing her recent laser spider vein removal treatment. I decided to ask her a few questions privately and she referred me to the doctor that performed her laser spider vein removal treatments. I called the spa and was pleased to hear that they offered free consultations. I met with the doctor the following day and she was a delight. She treated me with such respect and gentleness and explained the laser spider vein removal process to me in detail. She informed me that based on the veins I had and the amount of which I had, it would take 3-4 treatments. I booked my first appointment the following week.

Spider Vein Removal

As I was getting ready for my appointment, I was feeling as if I was about to undergo a life changing experience. Now in my late 40’s I reflected back to my thoughts when I was in my 30’s. I was in fact about to change my life. I was going to begin the process of removing the one thing that bothered me the most about my body. I had lived with them for so long that it was almost distressing. I took one last long look at my legs and then headed to the spa! More details to come! Thank goodness for Belleza Med Spa and their spider vein removal process!